The personalised, modern and colourful version of the successful Titan Minimal Art model was crowned with the 2018 Red Dot Award for product design. This was the ninth time the iconic eyewear has won the prize. The innovative design of the Accent Rings collection, which is neither a true “rimless” style, nor a classic full-rim model, is regarded as trailblazing. Colourful and ultra-light SPX®rings adorn the glasses like frames, creating a contemporary, individual look.

Astonishingly, the human eye can distinguish more than 200 different hues. So, it’s hardly surprising that color is central to our experience of the world. It often defines us: the color of our eyes, our hair, what we’re wearing – these are the first things that people notice about us. But the effect of color goes beyond superficial appearances, it has deeply symbolic associations too: think pure white; celestial blue, regal purple, and passionate red. And now, Silhouette celebrates the power of color in all its variety with the Dynamics Colorwave. Accent Rings collection.