The glasses of the Diamond line are precious objects, created to be noticed. The models are light and sparkling, decorated by hand with a diamond dust that is very resistant to abrasion and has a highly reflective power.
All Diamond models are in shiny metal, so shiny because they are plated with 2 microns of 24 carat gold. The frames recall classic shapes, but are made even more refined and distinctive by double frame tops. The diamonds are deposited right here, on the outer frame, at the eyebrow level. They are covered poly crystalline diamonds, with characteristics very similar to those of the natural diamond: their perfect and constant shape sends out an optimal light. Eyewear jewellery.
The Diamond line expresses strength and lightness, but above all the Made in Italy quality.
For the decoration in natural diamond powder, I relied on the experience of goldsmiths’ workshops that finish the eyewear in a meticulous way.
They are glasses that are loved for their details: the detail that is immediately obvious to those who see them for the first time and the more discreet detail only discovered by the wearer. Diamonds are luxury accessories, which make eyes light up and give the wearer a brilliant look.