Orthokeratology at Gates Eyewear

Orthokeratology (OrthoK)

OrthoK involves wearing gas permeable contact lenses that are worn overnight to temporarily reshape the cornea resulting in the correction of any refractive errors (shortsightedness). The contact lenses are removed upon awakening and the effect of OrthoK means your vision is clear and you no longer need spectacles. This effect lasts only for the day so the contact lenses need to be worn overnight, every night for the benefits to continue.This can be used as an alternative to laser surgery, glasses and contact lenses in adults. It has the additional benefit of slowing the progression of myopia in children.

Complimentary 20 Minute Suitability Screening:

If you are not currently a Gates Eyewear patient, a complimentary 30 minute screening appointment will be arranged to assess whether the prescription is suitable for OrthoK and answer any initial questions you may have. This initial screening is usually not required for Gates Eyewear patients as we may already have the required information on file.

If OrthoK is a suitable option an initial comprehensive appointment will be booked. OrthoK is often managed by a team of experienced Optometrists, as multiple appointments are required during the initial fitting process

Initial Appointment:

Preliminary Discussion, Eye Examination and Corneal Shape Mapping: Comprehensive examination techniques will be conducted to deem the procedure suitable for the individual’s physical and visual measurements. Computerised topography measurements (three-dimensional map of the cornea and lens calculations) integral to the entire process, will then be conducted thus allowing the OrthoK lens parameter calculations to be made and ordered. The OrthoK lenses take about 7 working days to be manufactured.

Second and Third Appointments:

Lens Design Application and Overnight Trial:
Based on the three-dimensional map of the cornea and lens calculations, the custom made OrthoK lenses will be assessed on the patient’s eyes. Lens insertion, removal and daily cleaning procedures will be taught so that the lenses can be taken away. The non-refundable fee of $650.00 or $750.00 is requested after this appointment.

The patient will then be seen, first thing in the morning after one night of lens wear at which time checks for visual improvement, lens positioning, corneal integrity and further topography maps are conducted. The overnight trial results are an excellent predictor of the individual’s future OrthoK success. Occasionally this trial is unsuccessful and the procedure is discontinued, however other myopia control options will be explored.

Fourth Appointment: After 1 week:

After positive responses from the overnight trial, the patient will be asked to wear the lenses every night for the next week. After which similar checks as conducted at previous appointments will be completed to ensure the desired visual outcome. Once all ocular health checks are conducted the final lens design will be prescribed for a further 3 weeks.

Fifth and Sixth Appointments: 1 month and 3 months aftercare:

After 1 month, sufficient corneal reshaping should have occurred to correct all of the refractive error. The lens positioning, corneal integrity and corneal topography are rechecked at the 1 month and 3 months followups, to confirm this. Please bring your contacts to the appointments so that the lenses can be checked for any build up or defects.

Regular Aftercare:

It is vital to have a regular check-up when wearing OrthoK lenses. The comfort, eye health and long-term success with OrthoK could be compromised if regular aftercare is not adhered to. The Optometrist will advise how frequently you will need to attend aftercare appointments.


Standard OrthoK

  • $650.00 Inc. GST non-refundable, payable after the second appointment.
  • $1500.00 Inc. GST balance payable after the fifth appointment should the lenses and vision be successful.
  • Total $2150.00 GST Inc.

Complex, Advanced OrthoK: high prescriptions and longsightedness

  • $750.00 Inc. GST non-refundable, payable after the second appointment.
  • $1500.00 Inc. GST balance payable after the fifth appointment should the lenses and vision be successful
  • Total $2250.00 Inc. GST

The above costs include all appointments and follow up appointments for the first year, one pair of bespoke OrthoK lenses and lens care pack (3 months supply).  Further supply of disinfecting solution and lubricating drops can be purchased at an additional cost.

Most OrthoK lenses last one year, when treated with care.  Replacement OrthoK lenses range between $550.00 and $675.00 for each lens.

Monthly payment plans are available upon request.




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