The huge range of Adidas sunglasses offer sun protection, comfort and versatility in the heat of competition.  They will protect your eyes from the dazzle and glare that can be caused by sunlight when you are playing a round of Golf, running in a 10K, having fun on the slopes or fishing for the big catch. 
Adidas sports and sports casual sunglasses are favoured by both amateur and professional athletes all over the world.  They use them and a full range of accessory lenses to help them achieve the highest performance possible in the competitive arena.  Adidas sunglasses and goggles are used by international cricketers, golfers, athletes, cyclists, rowers and sailors.
There are lenses with different light transmission/absorption values so that you can adapt your interchangeable lens sunglasses to virtually any light condition.  
There are also prescription solutions. Most Adidas sunglasses can be fitted with prescription (Rx) inserts which can be glazed with prescription lenses and then clipped in behind the sunglass lenses!
As well as dedicated sports shades there are many Adidas Sports Casual sunglasses. the Adidas range also includes sunglasses and goggles suitable for motocross, mountain biking, winter sports and extreme sports and anyone who loves an active lifestyle.