At Gates Eyewear we recognise the gift of good vision as just one of the essentials of life that everyone needs….

Fred was once voted Australian of the Year – but we all know he’s a kiwi! Over the years we have supported the Foundation’s work by donating optical testing equipment and continue to supply them with eyewear which directly assists the work of Fred Hollows Foundation in caring for the visual needs of people on islands across the Pacific.

“I believe the basic attribute of mankind is to look after each other, and that’s what makes humans look after other humans when they are in need.”

VisionWest Community Trust, West Auckland

VisionWest “exists to end homelessness, reduce poverty, support the elderly, and ensure young people have hope for the future”.  Gates Eyewear proudly supports the work of this Auckland based organisation to confront issues of social inequity that exist in our country.


The team enjoy the fantastic lunches that Eat My Lunch prepare. It’s great they provide another lunch to a child in need.